Third generation in a family of coffee growers who began producing coffee in 1906.

Our HIstory

Tepuy is a single estate speciality coffee. We are the third generation in a family of Colombian coffee growers that started producing coffee over 100 years ago. Our goal is the same as that of our grandparents, to teach our customers about the careful processes required for the production of fresh, high quality coffee.

Our family’s extensive experience in the sector allows us to obtain a high quality coffee with an exceptional taste, aroma, body and acidity. As coffee growers, we know the effort and dedication required to obtain high quality coffee. We also have first hand knowledge of the great variety of specialty coffees that are grown in Colombia, and how these are shaped by the different climates and soil types around the country.

Our family farm Casa Grande is located in Teruel, deep in the famous remote coffee region of Huila in Colombia.

Our Farm

Our farm is in the Colombian municipality of Teruel in the department of Huila, an area with a protected designation of origin. We produce an average of only 40,000 kilograms of speciality single origin mountain coffee every year.

The taste profile of our coffee is the result of our remote farm’s unique climate and geographic location. The coffee is grown at an altitude up to 1600m with high levels of cloud cover. This creates an average of 3.5hrs daily sunshine, maintaining a constant daily temperature. It’s that constant temperature that enhances the accumulation of naturally occurring favour compounds in each of Tepuy’s coffee beans.

Our coffee literally   grows above the clouds.

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