Single estate coffee hand picked & grown naturally dried ! above the clouds in the Colombian Andes.


Our coffee is always fresh because our family in Colombia sends our product every four months. We also roast in small batches, making our coffee a truly artisan product.


At Coffee Tepuy we produce 100% Colombian specialty coffee using arabica beans, which are all unique and has different complexities due to the characteristics of the soil, the area’s climate and the care put in by the coffee grower.



All of our processes are designed to minimise impact on the environment. we do not cultivate within 30 meters of water sources. We also keep a close eye on our water consumption by using specialist technology.


To guarantee the quality and freshness of our product, all of our coffees are handled in micro lots and officially tasted by a Q-grader according to the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Our HIstory

Our family farm Casa Grande is located in Teruel, deep in the famous remote coffee region of Huila in Colombia.

We produce an average of only 40,000 kilograms of speciality single origin mountain coffee every year.

Our coffee is famous for its balanced flavour, with sweet notes, intense aroma, medium/high acidity and medium body.

Our taste

The taste profile of our coffee is the result of our remote farm’s unique climate and geographic location.

The coffee is grown at an altitude up to 1600m with high levels of cloud cover.This creates an average of 3.5hrs daily sunshine, maintaining a constant daily temperature. It’s that constant temperature that enhances the accumulation of naturally occurring favour compounds in each of Tepuy’s coffee beans.

Especiality coffee

Tepuy is a single estate speciality coffee. We are the third generation in a family of Colombian coffee growers that started producing coffee over 100 years ago.

Our goal is the same as that of our grandparents, to teach our customers about the careful processes required for the production of fresh, high quality coffee.

Our SHOP in edinburgh

Our cafe is located right in the heart of Leith, one of Edinburgh’s most vibrant and multicultural neighbourhoods. Whether you’re for looking coffee by the cup or by the bag, we serve all types of customers, including those looking for wholesale